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The knowledge of Shower Door Hardware

The knowledge of Shower Door Hardware

A good glass shower enclosure cannot without the high quality shower fittings,The hardware fittings is supporting to the whole shower enclosure,because the shower hardware is connecting to the complete shower enclosure. When consumer goes to buy shower enclosure hardware they don’t know what is composed by which part, below let King Hardware introduce the shower enclosure main hardware fittings component part for everybody.

There are about two types of shower doors in the market,such as Framed Shower Enclosures and Frameless Shower Enclosures,The Framed shower door is composed by Aluminum Frame and rollers;The Frameless Shower Enclosures include the Hinge Shower Doors and Frameless Sliding Shower Doors,the hardware are include Shower Door Hinges,Shower Door Handles,Wipe and seals,Shower Glass Clamps,Sliding Shower Door Hardware Kits,etc.

King Hardware is a leading manufacturer and supplier to the Frameless Shower Door Hardware industries for more than 18 Years, King Hardware pride of its experience and design team for years,King always supply the top quality shower door hardware to the valued customers.

Enjoy life,enjoy King.

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